Who can become a Freemason?

In short…..  Any male, over the age of 21 with good morals, and who believes in a Supreme Being.

If you fulfil this criteria and are interested in becoming a member….. ASK!

I have asked, What happens next?

Once you have contacted the Keys (or any other lodge for that matter) you will be invited to the lodge rooms to meet the committee. This is the first chance for you to see the Lodge and vice versa. The committee will ask you some questions and you will have the chance to ask any questions you may have. Your application will then be presented to the Lodge members for consideration and approval. Assuming everything is positive you will then be given a date for your initiation*.

*Initiation is the ceremony that takes place when you join a Lodge. It is one of the Masonic plays, which are mentioned below.

How long does it take?

After the initial contact, subject to availability, it will probably be a few months until the date of your initiation.

What do you do, when you meet?

In Münster we usually meet on the 2nd Friday of the month at 7.00pm. Our meetings are only open to members and they consist of two separate parts.

1.  Formal meeting.

The formal meeting has two parts. Initially we discuss any administrative points that need to be addressed e.g. charitable work and donations, organizing future events, membership requests and any other business. The second part is ceremonial. Our members are taught Masonic knowledge through a series of plays/stories. These are learned by heart and acted out by our members. Each play furthers a Mason’s knowledge.

2.  Semi-formal meeting.

The formal meeting is always followed by a meal. A time for toasts, informal speeches and an enjoyable get together.

Occasionally we also meet outside the lodge rooms, with our wives and families.  A time for a good old fashioned, friendly get together! Possibilities are… we all go for a meal at a local restaurant, a trip to the cinema, a barbecue or sometimes as guests to a local charity, which we have supported. These meetings are open to members and people with an invitation. 

Are there any financial commitments?


There is a joining fee, an annual subscription fee and you will have to pay for your meal at a meeting. As a charitable organization we also ask that you donate something to charity. The amount is decided by the individual. The only rule governing the amount donated is… It shouldn’t put you or your family at financial risk!