Tuesday 23th September

As promised in the last blog entry … last night we visited Kurt Tucholsky Lodge No. 1060 in Unna. There were 4 of us from The Keys and it was a great night. Congratulations to Bro Jochen on his initiation.

There is something rather rewarding about watching a ceremony take place, not understanding what is being said, and never the less knowing exactly what is being said! For those who may not know, KTL do the normal emulation ritual that we are accustomed to in GLBFG but…. they do it in German.

This was the first of many visits.

Friday 2nd September

Well the summer break was finally over. Despite the fact we started a week earlier than normal,….. they always seem to take longer each year!

It was our second of three in a row, third degree meetings. Bro Chris K is now a MM.

(He was initiated 8.5.15, see below with cabbage, passed 9.10.15)

During the last 16 months he, like of all of the new Brethren in The Keys, has got stuck in and done more than his bit for The Lodge. As an EA and FC in the office of Steward he has assisted as IG, JD and SD on numerous occasions. Next year in February he, like Bro Andy (last month’s candidate and Bro Rod (next month’s candidate) will be able to be officially invested in the offices they hold. It’s a good feeling for The Lodge.

The ceremony was similar to our June meeting, so nothing new to report there. Suffice to say it was well attended and enjoyed by all.

Thinking on it… that’s a lie! Last month’s 3rd Degree candidate Bro Andy. Did an excellent job as SD. Only in the Keys can you be the candidate one month and the main man the next! 

Last night…. the 9th, The WM attended by two of his Brethren attended Thistle & Saltire Lodge No 1040 in Osnabrück, for their Installation meeting. This coming Tuesday some of us will be visiting Kurt Tucholsky Lodge No 1060 in Unna for a 1 Degree meeting. And as if that isn’t enough… some Keys Brethren intend to be at Britannia Lodge No 843 for the Installation next Saturday. So we’re getting out and about too.

Anyway… the next meeting will be a third degree on Friday 14th October.

Whilst I’m Blogging… We’ve starting actively planning and organising our December meeting. If you weren’t there last year scroll down and read the Dec 15 Blog. It was a great night and we ran out of seats… well we’re doing it again. Starting at 6pm, PM in the chair, 1st degree ceremony, Christmas Dinner Festive Board…. lots of Masonic fun…. And that’s what it’s all about!

Friday 3rd June

Our last meeting before the summer break was a week earlier than normal. This was due to the availability of certain Brethren for our normal date.

It was a Third Degree and Bro Andy was the candidate. A really enjoyable evening was had by all. Once again we employed the assistance of some visitors, namely, Bro’s Shiny & Roddy who have provided and have been a great help to us in recent times! For which we thank them wholeheartedly.

The Ceremony was of a very high standard. Bro Roddy acting as SD, was pleased to have a candidate from the same area of Scotland as himself, which resulted in there being no need for interpreters. The E & C were also presented in a fine Scottish accent by Bro John H who we hadn’t seen for a while and who on his welcomed return, rolled up his sleeves and “Got stuck in”, the bits after the break were given by Bro Ash.

The FB was also well attended and the food was provided by the Local Indian take-away. The FB is a great way to end any Masonic meeting!

And so we move into the Summer break…. Amazing how fast it happens! The first half of the year was not without some drama but on the whole it was a very successful half year. WBro Nick our WM is doing a great job and his Officers are doing him and the Lodge proud. VWBro Joe M continues in providing his expert guidance, whenever and wherever it is needed and we progress on a daily basis.

Our next meeting is on Friday 19 September and will be a Third Degree, as ever all proven Masons will be made most welcome.

Only three meetings to go and it will be our December meeting! Which as many may remember, last year was a packed house and a cracking night. This year we hope to do something similar and planning will start in earnest in September.

Until next time…….. Wishing you all a great summer.

PS. VWBro Joe M found the below photo in some old files at home, which I am fairly certain is from the 1992 Installation meeting of WBro Bill Smith.

Friday 13th May

Well Friday The 13th certainly stayed true to its reputation. We had planned to do an initiation, then at short notice this had to be postponed. Not to be defeated we than organised a passing (one of our Brothers has waited far too long for his 2nd Degree) Then the distrustful date really kicked in and this didn’t happen either! So it was a very short meeting and not one of our best. Not to worry, we move on, forwards and upwards.

Our next meeting will be one week earlier than normal on Friday 3rd June Tyling at 7pm. It will be a 3rd Degree. Hopefully the next Blog post will be a bit better?

Friday 8th April

As part of our daily advancement...."We're here to enjoy Freemasonry, not to worry about it"      The Keys are getting better at this everyday.

Our 575th meeting saw our 457th initiate join our ranks. Welcome to Bro Richie. It was a good night with a good attendance. We were also honoured to have The AGM with us, RWBro Shiny.

The ceremony was excellent considering it was a completely new team, as pleasing as this may sound... It made made even better by the fact it was conducted 100% with our own Keys Brethren. We also saw some Brethren we haven't seen for a while and we had lots of different Brothers assisting in the ceremony.

One of the visitors was Bro Hartmut, he is a German Brother from Celle and he was visiting an "English" Lodge for the first time, he assures us he thoroughly enjoyed himself. The conversations later, comparing German and English ritual were very interesting.

The evening was rounded off with a Festive board from the local Indian Take-away and Bro SD sweated his way through a Vindaloo which was hilarious to watch!

Our next meeting is another First Degree on Friday 13th May.

Friday 11th March

It was our newly made Master's first regular meeting with his newly invested team. We were a bit thin on the ground but this didn't detract from it being an excellent night. Bro Rod (The Geordie) was passed to the Second Degree. It was a great start to a new year and things are looking good for the future.

Saturday 11th February 2016

For the 50th time we Installed our new Master for the new Masonic year. WBro Ash had completed a two year stint and handed over the job to Bro Nick.

It was a great day out for all concerned. The Lodge was fairly packed with 37 members and visitors present. We also saw some faces that we hadn’t seen for a while. Among them were two of our PMs now residents in UK. They came over to act as Installing SW & JW (Bros Julian K & Peter R).

The ceremony was really enjoyable and well executed. One of the many highlights was Bro Rod our EA presenting a flawless 1st Degree WTs.

Bro Baz our new JW organised a wonderful FB for us and 24 people sat down and enjoyed it. We used the caterer, who we used for our December meeting and the food was excellent. 

The day finished off with a few drinks in the bar and some hearty banter, befitting of Freemasonry.

We now look forward to our next regular meeting on Friday 11th March, which will be a 2Degree, WBro Nick’s first of many. We wish him and all his Officers all the best!

The SW, WM, JW

  The SW, Bro Rod & WBro Steve (WM 7591EC)

  Everything prepared for the FB


Friday 11th December 2015

The last meeting of the year was an absolute cracker!!!

Never in our wildest dreams would we have ever imagined that there wouldn’t be enough seating for everyone. With visitors from UK, Holland and Germany we had 40+ Brethren sat in the temple.

The evening was different in many ways.  Technically we had two separate Lodges having two separate meetings on the same night. The Keys had the first meeting, it was a Past Masters’ night and VWBro Joe was in the chair. It was more of a business meeting than anything else and the main points on the agenda were to elect a new Master and Treasurer for next year. Bro Nick was elected as Master and Bro Steve as Treasurer, congratulations to them both. Shortly after opening, The Keys of Münster Lodge was closed for the final time in 2015.

We then had a short break.

One of the reasons for the large number of Brethren present was that Lodge Bridge of Fellowship No. 929 had driven down from Hanover for an additional meeting in Münster. To enable us (881) to initiate one of their candidates. So with their warrant in place 929 opened their Lodge and then handed the gavel over to VW Bro Joe. He in turn put his own 881 officers in place as an “Initiating Board” and Bro Andy M was welcomed into The Craft. Bro Baz who has over the last year proved himself an excellent ritualist, delivered the Charge After Initiation and our EA Bro Rod, The Tools, both were done in excellent style.

We also saw something we had never seen before… The Worshipful Master from The East Kent Wheel of Friendship Lodge No. 9750EC (We visited them last month, see "The Twickers trip" below) was there and he volunteered to present the EA TB. A pleasure to listen to, and very educational. The Keys Brethren are still talking about it one week later!

929 was then closed.

Thankfully not all of the Brethren stayed for the FB! Now I never thought I would ever say that! But as seating was a problem in The Temple, the problem was further increased in the dining room! We were lucky though.... not everyone who had booked, actually turned up, so we were able to fit everyone in. Bro Baz had organised a local caterer and the food was excellent. We now have a caterer for our Installation meeting. It was a festive (as in Christmassy) festive board and really enjoyable. The Deputy Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany, RW Bro Glyn and The Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden VWBro Richard (WM: Wheel of Friendship) even had a visit from Santa.

So after attending two meetings and an excellent FB everyone went home with a smile on their face. An excellent end to what had started off as a very turbulent year.

We are now looking forward to our

Installation on Saturday 6th February 2016 Tyling at 11am. As ever all proven Brethren will be made most welcome, hopefully we will see you there?


The Twickers Trip

Thursday 26th, Friday 27th & Saturday 28th November 2015

There were five of us, two Englishmen, an Irishman, a Scotsman and we couldn’t find a Welshman so we added a Geordie (So there were actually 3 Englishmen).

The Five

After months of waiting, “The Twickers Trip” was finally on. A very good friend and former colleague of our WM was going to be Installed into the chair of his Lodge. Berkeley Lodge No. 7591 Bro Steve has visited us in Münster on a number of occasions and it was only right that we repaid the courtesy.

What started off as a “Quick nip over to Twickers” grew in size and became a 3 days and 2 night’s mini road trip, with 3 visits to 3 different Lodges. Other than many hours sat static on the French motorways (outbound and return journeys) not a second was wasted.

We set off at 3am GMT for a 5pm Tyle. 14 hours to get from Münster to Twickenham, one would have thought “Not a problem?” WRONG! After a stressful journey with too many boring incidents to mention, well other than The Keys doing a TV interview whilst stuck in traffic on Westminster Bridge! We finally arrived just in time to see The Lodge Tyle, from the outside. After a few minutes we were admitted as a delegation. A  few minutes later “The EA Geordie” was retired.  14 hours in a car, to spend a few precious moments in The Lodge.

The Ceremony was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable. It was an honour to be present and witness Bro Steve become WBro Steve. We also met up with one of The Keys' Past Masters, WBro Mike WM1984, who is now a Chelsea Pensioner.

For most of the five this was the first time that they had experienced anything Masonic outside of their Mother Lodge. We are often reminded of the importance of visiting and our road trip proved the authenticity of the message. It was great fun and educational, the experience increased everyone’s Masonic interest and commitment. We need to do it more often!

Berkeley Lodge meet in the Cole Court Masonic centre. What a wonderful place! It is the home of The Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex. Berkeley has the honour of having The Deputy Provincial Grand Master as one of its members a really nice Brother by the name of VWBro Simon T, after an enjoyable festive board he took The Keys on a short guided tour of Cole Court, telling us some of the history and present usage of the centre and informing of us about The Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex. This was really interesting and a pleasure to see and listen to. The remainder of the evening was spent “Building Masonic Friendships” in the centre’s bar.

Cole Court

At the end of our 22 hour day we finally returned to our accommodation and slept like babies. Well-fed and watered and feeling exceedingly pleased with ourselves.

Friday was a new day… Our host GJ (Granty Jnr) is the brother (operative not speculative) of our Scotsman, at breakfast he heard all of the tales about our trip to Berkeley Lodge and Cole Court. He then chaperoned us through the underground as we made our way to Great Queen St.

GJ then had to go off on an errand and we went to Freemasons Hall (FMH) for a guided tour at 12 noon. If anyone hasn’t done this… You need to! The place is simply amazing and we thoroughly recommend that you do it.

The Grand Temple

After the tour and a quick bit of shopping in the masonic shop across the road, it was time for refreshments. The nearby Irish pub was the chosen venue, GJ was waiting for us and once again he heard more tales of masonic fun. The newly installed Master of Berkeley Lodge then arrived. After the initial hellos etc. GJ who having seen the bond between  Brothers, hearing all of our stories and asking us lots of questions, had learnt 2B1ASK1, he then asked one last question to WBro Steve. A win, win situation, Berkeley get a new candidate and we now have another UK trip in the making.

After refreshments it was time to head back to FMH, to visit The London Irish Rifles Lodge No. 2312. This time the Geordie stayed in the Lodge for the duration. Another excellent and enjoyable ceremony. The Lodge rooms in FMH are befitting of the establishment and a pleasure to sit in. The Festive Board was held at the Kingsway Hotel, the food and company matched the £38 dining fee. Our WM won one of the minor prizes in the raffle and then to add insult to injury….the main prize as well! He then asked if the London Irish Rifles wanted the main prize back. This was met with a resounding YES, so the WM then went into an impromptu game of Heads or Tails, raising approximately £50 for their Lodge charity. The winner was the Brother who had earlier received his Long Service to Freemasonry Certificate for 50 years loyal service. Another excellent visit.

The Temple LIR

The 5 plus WBro Steve

We then went over the road to the Pillars pub. The least said about this the better!

The next day was a very early start! (Not recommended after a late finish) We were off to our 3rd and final meeting. The East Kent, Wheel of Friendship Lodge No. 9750.  We arrived in the car park in perfect time… for two Jaguars to flank us left & right, we waited until the Brothers (who else goes out dressed like this at 8am?) had disembarked and were out of eye shot, before we all collapsed out of our chosen mode of transport. We then walked up to the Lodge, finding the building was easy… Finding the entrance was impossible. Fortunately our sponsor Bro Bernard came to the rescue and guided us in. Wheel of Friendship is a “Breakfast Lodge”. For those who don’t know….. It’s a Lodge who meet at 8am for a full English breakfast and then Tyle at 9am. What an excellent way to start a meeting! 

After our breakfast we made our way into the Temple. What a beautiful sight! It is a Gothic looking affair and on entering it for the first time it is very surprising. The ceremony was outstanding and their WM is easily the best ritualist we have ever met. The meeting was followed by The FB (sausage roll and a drink) was thoroughly enjoyable and well attended. When we left we were given some promises of a return visit to Münster... We'll wait and see?

The Temple EK.WoF
(borrowed from the internet)

The Canterbury Masonic Centre has a museum and shop next door and this was to be the final visit of the road trip.

We then set off back to Germany, feeling very tired, but unbelievably happy.

In no particular order, here are some of the things that we noticed during our road trip….  .  UK Lodges are book free. There are people from all social, religious and racial backgrounds, even more so than in our Lodges. The places we visited were very well attended. The centres welcome and encourage the local population to learn about the Masons. They’re very professional. Everyone was made welcome. They don't all drive jags.

And one thing that I learnt from The WM at Wheel of Friendship and I will never forget it, is

“We’re here to enjoy Freemasonry, not to worry about it!”

Counting the days until GJ’s initiation....


Friday 13th November 2015

It was meant to be a double raising but due to family illness only one candidate was able to attend. This didn’t however detract from the evening. The Master opened The Lodge to a fairly packed house with 9 members present (apologies submitted from 6 locally living Brethren) and 7 guests. It’s a nice feeling when a Lodge can do a ceremony and have some Brethren sat on the side-lines watching!

The Master thanked all who took part in the ceremony, which was very enjoyable and carried out to perfection. If anything could be considered slightly negative…. The Festive Board was not as well attended as it could have been! We are now regularly attracting Brethren from far and wide; two Brothers even came from central Holland. Understandably people who have a great distance to travel, need to start their return journey as early as possible. Maybe we need to re-think our start time? (Committee to discuss)

Our December meeting is traditionally a Past Masters’ night! As such VWBro Joe will be taking over for the night. It will be a first degree ceremony and will be “staffed” purely by our own Brethren. In the past we have used the December Festive Board as a “Christmas Dinner” type of affair. We are considering doing this again. So if we can get sufficient numbers to justify employing external caterers we will be having a Christmas Dinner Festive Board. As ever all proven Brethren will be made most welcome.

Friday 11th December 2015, a First Degree meeting, possibly starting an hour earlier than normal i.e. at 6pm (TBC) and hopefully followed by a Christmas Dinner Festive Board. Come on…. you know you want to?


Friday 9th October 2015

It only seems like a few days ago that I wrote the last update! It’s amazing how time flies.

The 570th Regular meeting of The Keys was a Second Degree meeting. We were a bit thin on the ground due to various genuine reasons, all apologies delivered and accepted. Fortunately we had a small number of visitors who made up the numbers and in true “Let’s visit The Keys fashion”, rolled up their sleeves and assisted wherever needed. Masonry is a great thing, so many wonderful people in a small place, regardless of Masonic rank or status they just do it and get stuck in. It’s an honour to know such people and to call them Brother.

Bro Chris (seen in a photo below preparing himself for his first Lodge meeting, by buying a cabbage) was the candidate. Over recent months The Keys have earned a worthy reputation of a Lodge who perform a first class ceremony and this meeting was no different. One visitor, on his departure commented “I like coming to Münster, to see how it should be done”.

Our next meeting is a Third Degree on Friday 13th November at 7pm. As ever visitors will be made most welcome and unless something unexpected happens there is no need to worry about creasing up your sleeves.

We now have two meetings to go and this Masonic year will be over. When you’re enjoying yourself, “It’s amazing how time flies!”


Friday 11th September 2015

The summer break this year seemed to take longer than normal. All of the Brethren were itching to get started again. WBro’s Paul E & Steve B visited us again, they then decided to become joining members so last night our numbers increased by 3.

The third person was our new initiate Bro Rod. The ceremony was once again first class and everyone took an active part and did an excellent job. A special mention has to go to our FC Deacons and our EA IG, their reputation is spreading across GLBFG.

There’s only three meetings left until our next installation will be upon us… Bring it on, we’re ready. The lodge has undergone a major transformation in recent times and we all feel very proud of what we have achieved.

Our next meeting is on Friday 9th October and will be a second degree. As ever visitors will be made most welcome.


Friday 12th June 2015

Our final meeting before the summer break. (We don’t formally meet during July and August)

Despite the fact that six of The Keys regular Brethren were unable to attend the meeting and had given their apologies, we still opened The Lodge using our own Brethren, but when we went into The 2nd Degree we needed external assistance.

Once again we were fortunate enough to have a number of visitors, all of whom helped with the ceremony. Due to compassionate reasons our planned stand-in SD had to give his apologies a few days ago.  His replacement then was taken sick on the day of the meeting! The meeting was a double and the SD is the main man! Luckily for “The Keys” WBro Shorty Green was one of the visitors and he like so many other visiting Brethren before him, just rolled up his sleeves and got on with it. Freemasonry is a wonderful thing; there aren’t many places/situations you can find people so willing and able to assist.

It only took WBro Paul Elphick 25 years to find his way to Münster! And he finally did it, he too had to roll up his sleeves as IPM and Chaplain. It was great to see him! (Are we setting a rhythm here?) Bro Alexander from ZdDB is now accustomed to arriving at The Keys and having a book thrown in his hand and being told “Thanks for volunteering to be ******”  Tonight he was IG. WBro Cid completed “The 2nd Degree team” as our JD /Tyler.

So with the team in place…. Two of the 3 Amigos were passed to the degree of a FC.  A really enjoyable ceremony, with everyone taking part. Our JW Bro Nick gave The Charge in The SE, our SW Bro Tony The Tools, both in excellent style. WBro Cid presented a faultless Tracing Board, it was an inspiration to all present!

Our two new FCs, Bros Darren and Andy, were then allowed to try out their new seats in the SE, only for a split second though! They then resumed their positions as JD and SD to close The Lodge.

On 26th November 2015 we intend to visit Berkeley Lodge No. 7591 EC, in Twickenham. For the Installation of Bro Steve Hill who has visited The Keys on a number of occasions. This was spoken about in some detail and a plan of action put into place. (Anyone interested in coming along? contact The WM)

Our next meeting is on Friday 11th September a double initiation. As ever all visitors will be made most welcome. On a first degree meeting visitors can be fairly confident they won’t go home with crumpled sleeves! (But you never know!)


Friday 8th May 2015

Another excellent night in The Keys.

Once again the Lodge was well attended and despite the fact we had a small number of apologies, we still had people sat on the side-lines enjoying the show. And what a show it was! Our Entered Apprentices, Baz, Andy (SBM)  & Rick did an excellent job as JD, SD and IG respectively, impressing all present with their standard of ritual. (They have now been christened “The 3 Amigos”) The icing on the cake was we also saw some welcomed faces that we haven’t seen for a while.

Sadly the meeting started off with an act of remembrance for one of our Past Masters who had laid down his Working Tools for the final time and departed for The Grand Lodge above. WBro Brian Smith you will always be with us, may you rest in eternal peace.

It was Bro Chris’s initiation and our membership continues to grow. The lodge is officially looking healthier and more harmonious now than it has done for quite a while. The ceremony was excellent and due to a vehicle breakdown, WBro Cid with no time to prepare, had to jump in at the last minute and present the Charge After Initiation. In true Keys style he “just rolled up his sleeves and got on with it!” A true Brother.

We also had some visitors from Lodge Tubantia in Enschede, Holland, Bros Henk and Dennis. When they left, they thanked all present for a fantastic night and promised to return. We also promised to visit them, as I recall the festive board at Tubantia is free for visitors!!!

Our next meeting is a double Second Degree, two of the 3 Amigos, Bros Baz & Andy will be the candidates. So the next date for your diary is..

7.00pm on Friday 12th June 2015. No need to book in advance, all proven Brothers will be made most welcome. Hopefully see you there…

The evening's candidate prepares himself for his initiation and buys a cabbage!


Friday 10th April 2015

Well the big guns were out in force for our 566th regular meeting… The GM, DGM, AGM, SGW, JGW, GDC and a few others all graced us with their presence. In addition there were numerous visitors from other lodges.  It was the delayed proclamation meeting for WBro Ash to remain in the chair until the next regular period of election and it was a fairly full house with 30 plus people present. Our three new EAs played an active part in the ceremony and showed great promise for the Lodge’s future. One of the highlights of the night was the very informative presentation of a Grand Lodge certificate, by VWBro Shiny SGW to Bro Nick our new JW. The evening rounded off with a delicious festive board provided by the local Indian take-away and an enjoyable raffle. Our next meeting is on Friday 8th May and will be a first degree.


Friday 13th March 2015

Despite the rather worrying date, the Lodge finally got together, closed the Temple door and worked in the peace and harmony befitting our institution. We were honoured with the presence of our Grand Master Elect RWBro Bill DGM, RWBro Glyn our AGM and numerous visitors. It was an excellent night and we now have two new Brothers! Congratulations to Bro’s Rick & Andy.

This was the first regular meeting for Bro Baz, who was initiated last October. He   carried out the office of IG and did a sterling job.With the DGM acting as DofC the evening ended with an equally successful Festive Board. We also elected WBro Ash to continue in the office of Master for a second year. The Proclamation meeting will be held on Friday 10th April. We’re back in business!!


Friday 9th May 2014

This was our first ceremony downstairs. Regular readers will recall that ZdDB are refurbishing all of the Lodge rooms, and we now use all of the downstairs area, including what used to be the pub next door (this is now the bar). See photos below.

On a night for firsts it was also our first 3rd degree ceremony of the year. Bro Tony Q squeezed into his favorite PJs for the final time. Considering that no genuine rehearsal took place, the standard of the ritual was excellent. A few of the Brethren were unable to attend due to various reasons (apologies given), but we still had more than sufficient people to have some “just watching and enjoying the ceremony”.

WBro John H and the WM did the lion’s share of the work and W Bro Cid was once again on the floor showing his ever increasing ability as “a ritualist". Bro Thomas W was our SD and did a sterling job. Added to this, he had to take Bro Alex under his wing. Bro Alex is a member of ZdDB and a regular visitor to the Keys. It has been a long term standing joke that he is getting a job, well last night it came true, he stood in at last minute as JD, with Bro Thomas’s guidance he did an excellent job! If he doesn’t move home in four months, we have a piece of paper that he needs to fill in! Despite the fact we are technically a German Lodge we have never had a German Master…

Another pleasant surprise was the attendance of Bro Rob G, we haven’t seen him often lately, and he stood in as IG. He also brought with him a delicious festive board, Spanish Goulash, thank you once again Mrs G.

Our next meeting will be a 1st degree practice meeting, and we will be explaining the various bits as we go through it. See you next month.

The new look interim Temple, downstairs.

The Committee room back where it used to be, (interim)

How the old pub, now the lodge bar looks at present.

At present the restaurant looks like this....

When the work is finished it should look like this...


Friday 11th April 2014

Sadly this was to be our final meeting in the upstairs room, ZdDB are refurbishing the lodge rooms and the temple is moving back downstairs to where it was in 1974. To bring some of you up-to-date.  Last year the pub next door, closed down and ZdDB have decided to use the whole of the ground floor, for Lodge rooms. Upstairs will be turned into flats. We’ll post some photos when it’s all finished.
Our third regular meeting of the year was a courtesy, 2nd degree working for Doric Lodge. 
Bro Nick is now officially a FC. Once again the lodge was well attended with 12 people in total, with visitors from Germany, Holland and Brazil. We basically did a repeat performance of last month’s meeting, except we used last month’s candidate as JD.

We also had to change our plans for the next meeting. We were hoping to do a 1st, we are now doing a 3rd next month. Bro Nick our newly made FC is now jumping on his motorbike and riding to Hong Kong. We will see him again after the summer.

The Temple upstairs for the last time


Friday 14th March 2014

The first regular meeting of the year, a good number of people present. Added to this we also saw some faces we haven't seen for a while. Bro Tony Quinn was passed to the 2nd degree. Our newly Installed Master proved that he hadn’t forgotten too much over the last 14 years and W Bro Cid did an excellent rendition of the tracing board and shocked us all (including himself). Mrs Gray once again provided a first class festive board. If the standard we set, never improves, it will be a great year!

Saturday 1st February 2014

The New Year started with 4 successful Lodges of rehearsal in January.  The above date was W Bro Ashleigh Turley’s Installation. 14 years to the day after he first became the Master. We were well supported, with guests from all over Germany, Holland and the UK. The ceremony was first class and followed by an even better festive board. WBro Andrew Manson who was visiting from Doric Lodge was a star, assisting at short notice wherever and whenever needed, a true Mason.  A great day was had by all, a great start to 2014.

(Check out the photos on the photos page)


2013 was an eventful year.

 It saw the last remnants of the British Army and civilian Brethren who worked for the Army leaving Münster. This had an adverse effect on our membership.  It is no secret that since 1961 when the Lodge first opened, the military community and those attached to it were our primary “recruiting ground”. 100’s of people have walked through our doors over the years.

 With the military gone, the number of people living locally and able to visit the Lodge was greatly decreased. The Lodge committee decided that things needed to be done, to secure our future. We decided to actively encourage some people who still live locally, and no longer attend, to return to the Lodge. We appreciated the fact that the Lodge needed to be “modernized and demilitarized” to appeal to an exclusively civilian market place.  Only time will tell if we made the right decisions.

As if there weren’t already enough good byes, we sadly also said a final good bye to one of our oldest and most faithful Brothers, W Bro Jimmy Stear, who passed to the Grand Lodge above. Our thoughts are with him and his family.

W Bro Cid did a sterling job as Master, staying on for a second year.

So 2013 was undoubtedly an eventful year, but the Brethren of the Keys, faced all of the challenges in true masonic style and came out on top. Bring on 2014…